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Ok, I know the thought of a surgical scalpel on your face seems a little mental, but hear me out and let me explain why you need to give this service a try and why it will quickly become your new obsession.  My name is Jessica Dervie, licensed esthetician, and owner of The Nature of Beauty Spa in Minneapolis.  I have been performing this service since 2014 and will never take it off my menu.  It is hands-down my clients' favorite service, and for good reason.  There are few other treatments (or products for that matter) that produce the WOW! factor like dermaplaning... So read on to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about this trending treatment!


Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation technique using a blade to gently remove the top dead layer of skin (stratum corneum) along with fine vellus hairs, and any environmental pollution or irritants on the skin.  It has been used for decades and is a tried and true method of exfoliation that is quickly gaining popularity.


Dermaplaning will not only brighten up even the most dull complexion for that instant gratification glow, but also stimulates cellular turnover for a long term, cumulative result. The best part is it achieves all this with no pain and no downtime! Other benefits include:

The removal of fine vellus hairs and even exfoliation creates the perfect canvas for makeup which otherwise tends to float above the vellus hairs and sticks to dry flakey skin.

One of the most significant benefits of this physical exfoliation is it's ability to remove that top dead layer of skin. All those expensive, nutrient dense products are wasted when they can't penetrate!

Dermaplaning addresses both tone and texture, giving you a tighter, brighter complexion.  I like to compare it to mowing the lawn. Just makes everything look lush and manicured.  

Removing the buildup of dead skin means fewer clogged pores, and cleaner, clearer, healthier skin.

Dermaplaning doesn't use suction like microdermabrasion, so there's no risk of broken capillaries.  Also when done alone there are no chemicals involved so it is perfectly safe for pregnant and nursing women who are looking for a great exfoliation! 

Dermaplaning is quick, painless, and there is zero downtime!  When your treatment is done you can go back to work immediately.  It can be performed as frequently as every 3-4 weeks, and typically takes 30 minutes by itself, and an hour when combined with other modalities. 

Dermaplaning is a much more affordable alternative to other expensive methods of hair removal and exfoliation procedures.  At the Nature of Beauty we offer two options, Dermaplaning alone ($50) and a Dermaplaning and Repair Facial ($100).  


    Dermaplaning begins like most facials with a thorough cleanse, tone, and skin assessment. Then beginning on the forehead, moving counterclockwise around the face, I will hold your skin taut with one hand & have a surgical scalpel held at a 45 degree angle in the other hand. Using light, feathering strokes, to gently scrape the surface of the face, while avoiding the eyes and nose.  The small blade allows me target very specific and areas, for precise control of the exfoliating process, stroke by stroke.  It's totally painless and feels like light scratching.  At The Nature of Beauty our Dermaplaning & Repair Facial includes a deep cleanse, tone, blading, enzyme or acid exfoliation, extractions, followed by a mask customized for your skin type and condition, paired with light massage, LED and finished with an SPF moisturizer. The results speak for themselves!

    If enzymes are well tolerated, we can progress to acids which are designed to penetrate to a specific depth in the skin and slough off everything above.  I have taken many classes on rotating acids and have found this produces the best results (which is a whole other blog post for another day!) Other complementary pairings include:


    All these techniques can be beautifully paired with dermaplaning to enhance the results, improve hydration, soothe inflammation, reduce any post-procedure redness on sensitive gals:) & envelope the new cells with nourishing ingredients.

    • LED                          
    • Masks
    • Microcurrent
    • Microneedling
    • Micro-infusion of serums
    • Cupping
    • Gua Sha
    • Facial Massage

    The number one question I get is "Will this make my hair grow back thicker or darker?" And the answer is NO, dermaplaning does not disturb the follicle which is the only way to alter the growth pattern of a hair.  Some women who have slightly more hair or more corse hair may notice the re-growth feels slightly different because of the blunt hair, which will soften and eventually fall out with the normal 3-6 week growth cycle.  Think, if shaving (or dermaplaning) actually did make hair grow back thicker and darker, bald men would be all over that!

    • The number one rule of exfoliation is to be diligent with SPF, and avoid direct sunlight for a minimum of 72 hours after your service. The beautiful glowing skin under that pile of hair and dead cells is as delicate as a newborn baby, so be mindful of your outdoor activities surrounding your appointment.  
    • Be gentle... gentle cleanser, gentle moisturizer, SPF, and NO PICKING!
    • Use simple, calming, healing ingredients lotions/serums between services to maximize the benefit of enhanced product penetration. Some of our favorites are CV Skin Labs  Calming Moisture & Naturopathica's  Aloe Gel Mask

    The results achieved by the tools and techniques used by professionals unfortunately cannot be recreated with the tools available over the counter. 

    At The Nature of Beauty, we use a surgical scalpel with a sterile 10S blade made specifically for dermaplaning. The blade is made from stainless steel with a patented silicone coating and a rounded tip for safety. Not all blades are created equal! We use the best quality with a specific technique to achieve unparalleled results!  But that's not to say that you can't remove unwanted peach fuzz at home! There are many disposable facial razors available that are safe for hair removal, without the risk of cutting or over exfoliating the skin.  The blades made for personal use are nowhere near as sharp and are more for hair removal than exfoliation.

    Although DIY blading methods are popular, it is best to see a licensed aesthetician who has been professionally trained to know exactly how many passes to do so there is no risk of going too deep and creating a wound, and less chance for injury overall.  Plus a professional can customize the treatment by adding other synergistic treatments to achieve your specific skin goals. 


    Dermaplaning is recommended for ALMOST all skin types... However you will want to avoid dermaplaning if any of the following apply to you:

    • Severe pustular, or cystic breakouts
    • Open lesions such as cold sores
    • Taking blood thinners
    • Have a bleeding disorder
    • Have taken Accutane < 6 months

    So contact your local esthetician, or book with Jess and get your glow on girl!

        Jessica Dervie
        Jessica Dervie

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