Environmental Statement

As a company operating an e-commerce site, we are concerned about the impact our business model has on the environment. As with all such sites, we rely on big planes carrying boxes across the country to deliver products from us to you. We take solace in the knowledge that our boxes only take up a tiny portion of those planes and that we're not operating a big retail space attracting carbon-spewing motorists from all over town. These small comforts aside, we want to make sure we're doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

Some steps we take to minimize our impact on the environment include:

  • The Nature of Beauty - carbon balanced with TerraPass
  • Shipping your products in recyclable boxes made of recycled material. Please reuse or recycle the boxes you receive from us!
  • Using bio-degradable shipping peanuts to protect your products within those recycled boxes. These peanuts can be reused, composted, or eaten (supposedly--we haven't actually tried that).
  • Purchasing carbon offsets through TerraPass. This involves estimating our carbon footprint (including the use of those pesky airplanes) and funding reductions in an equivalent amount of carbon emissions. Our purchased offsets are used to sponsor clean energy and carbon reduction projects that balance the use of carbon in our business.

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