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  • About The Nature of Beauty

    The Nature of Beauty is part of the Smart Beauty movement, in which looking beautiful doesn't have to mean shutting off your brain. The cosmetics industry is in desperate need of a makeover! It has been the redheaded stepchild of the FDA since the 1930s, with lax regulations & minimally researched ingredients.  This industry is a ticking time bomb in a pretty little bottle sitting on everyone's bathroom counter.  Toxic chemicals linked to birth defects, hormone disruption, & cancer are in our daily grooming products which is unacceptable!  The Nature of Beauty has scoured the ingredient lists of all our products & done the research for you.  We have compiled the safest, highest performing skin care, hair care, and makeup so you can shop with confidence.  Here, greenwashing is not tolerated, and helping customers differentiate between truth and fiction when it comes to their beauty products is a key mission at The Nature of Beauty.

    The Nature of Beauty and The Nature of Beauty Spa partner together to provide a comprehensive repetoire of products and services. The Nature of Beauty sells our products all over the world. We are based in Minneapolis, MN where our eco-boutique and spa offers advanced medical grade, corrective focused esthetics, holistic and eastern esthetics as well as permanent makeup, microblading, body sugaring, lash extensions. If you are local please visit our spa services for detailed information on our services and pricing. Products are sold in our eco-boutique as well as online and locals get free shipping, and we ship all over the world. 

    We are open by appointment if you'd like to stop in to check out the products!

    Jennifer Baskin

    "I have been an esthetician and permanent makeup artist in the medical field for 20 years. I currently hold an Advanced Practice Esthetician Managers License and a Body Art License in Minnesota. I am also a Certified Aesthetic Injector. I initially got into it because I had some bizarre skin conditions that my dermatologists couldn't figure out. My nature is to research everything to death so of course that started me on my journey to discover not only how to correct the issues but find out WHY it was happening to me. This snowballed into de-toxifying my personal care products, my home and cleaning products and anything else I could go green with! I began creating my own products after being frustrated that I could not find corrective products that were also natural or organic. Coming from a background of peels, lasers and prescription products, I didn't want to just sell "natural" products that don't actually improve the skin or do anything other than smell nice and feel nice. I also work with breast cancer patients and help them complete their journey by adding tattooed areolas post mastectomy. Their concerns are real and imminent and many of them need to clean house (literally) for all of their personal and home care. So was born the one-stop shop to help other people that may feel overwhelmed at the thought of converting all of their toxic, traditional products for cleaner, healthier ones. Skincare products that are clean, natural or organic that can also improve their skin and help improve lines and wrinkles, brighten brown spots and smooth texture. Makeup that looks and performs as beautifully as any traditional makeup without any toxins. Hair care that smells great, performs like a champ and maybe even lathers a bit without sulfates! Our other items and accessories are always fair trade, locally sourced or hand made with care. We carefully research and hand-pick all of our brands after trying them out on ourselves extensively. We are real people with a passion for skincare, beauty and all things clean, fun and pretty! I love making people feel good and nothing pleases me more than when clients see an improvement in their appearance with advanced esthetic treatments, permanent makeup and more!"

     Independent Practitioners working out of The Nature of Beauty space:

    Jessica Rose

    "I am an Advanced Practice Esthetician and used to be a nurse. I originally became a nurse to help people, but found that helping people look and feel better about themselves is also rewarding while giving me the opportunity to fulfill my beauty junkie interests!

    Coming from a medical background I specialize in treatments that actually give a visible improvement and correction in the skin, not just fluff and buff facials! Although we throw a touch of that in our treatments to make sure they are relaxing and calming. I love helping educate people on skincare, ingredients and treatments, if you understand WHY something is important then you're much more likely to do it!

    We've curated a collective of like-minded independent practitioners so we can offer many things to many clients. Any one person can't be really good at everything, so we each tend to focus on our strengths."



    Jessica Schwartz

    I am licensed Esthetician, Permanent Makeup Artist and Lash Extension Artist with a passion of finding ways to help people feel even more beautiful everyday in their own skin. While walking besides two of my Aunts through their individual journeys with Breast Cancer was one of the most heartbreaking and terrifying times of mine and my families lives.  It was after my first Mothers Day Susan G Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure Walk that I knew there was something more I could do to help the sea of flowing pink and white shirts I saw that day. 

    I loved helping people achieve their dreams and goals and I was able to do this for over 20 years in the corporate world of HR and Sales Management. That experience combined with my passion for helping people, and my love of cosmetics and skin care that led me to what has become the greatest chapter of my life here with the amazing women at The Nature of Beauty.  Helping one person at a time reclaim their bodies, beauty, and self confidence. 


    Shevaun Church

    Shevaun is a holistic skin therapist and the founder of Skin Sovereign.
    She studied at the Rocky Mountain Center of Botanical Studies and the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism where she earned accreditation in clinical herbalism. 
    She loves using her knowledge of plant medicine, nutrition, and topical solutions to offer her clients a truly holistic experience. 
    Using a root-cause approach to skin health she loves to educate, guide, and empower women to elevate their skin care game once and for all. 
    Shevaun is a sugar waxing specialist in addition to being a holistic esthetician. She can get your face and body glowing and smooth in no time with less irritation to the skin.
    You can find her working out of the Nature of Beauty in Minneapolis and at



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