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  • FAQ's

    Q: How do you determine what's "safe"?
    A: This is a difficuilt question to answer conclusively, only because there is so little research and even less of it is conclusive. That being said, we do extensive amounts of research to present the safest, most effective products on the market. We do not rely solely on any one source of information. So while we check the Skin Deep database, we recognize that this is only one source - and not an infallible one - of information. We also speak with the manufacturers and search through other research databases for information on the most current research on the various natural and synthetic chemicals used in beauty and personal care products.

    Q: Are all of your products 100% natural?
    A: In a word, no. Many - if not most - of our products are 100% natural or non-toxic, but many are also 95%-99.9% natural or non-toxic. Often, that last 1-2% that is not natural is due to the preservative used in the product. In those cases, the synthetic ingredients have been approved by the brands' certifying body (e.g., BDIH, Ecocert, etc) and demonstrated to be safe by objective third parties. We do not believe that just because something is synthetic it is necessarily dangerous, or worse than a natural alternative. But when a product does contain synethetic ingredients, we ask that the manufacturer provide documentation showing that the ingredients have been proven safe for use.

    Q: What's the different between natural and organic?
    A: An organic ingredient has been sourced from a certified organic farm. Natural means that the ingredient was not created in a lab using synthetic or petroleum-based chemicals. In many cases, particularly with minerals, the ingredient cannot be organic by definition, and therefore the product is natural, not organic. Also, because organic ingredients are more expensive to source, we choose to offer both organic and natural products so that you have safe and natural alternative no matter what your budget. See our Why Organic page for more information

    Q: Do you have any brick and mortar stores?
    A: Yes, we have an eco-boutiqe and spa open by appointment only located at 4151 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406

    Q: I live outside the U.S. Will you ship to me?
    A: Yes, we are happy to! We cannot ship certain brands overseas, but most can be shipped. Most international customers can pay with their credit card and we have 3 international shipping options to choose from. Please see our shipping page for details. Some of our international customers can have trouble with their credit card processing as the shipping and billing addresses need to be very exact and some foreign addresses are not compatible with our website credit card processing. If you are having any trouble we recommend using PayPal. If you would like to request a PayPal invoice please contact us via email or the phone number listed above and we can send you one to facilitate payment.

    Q: How do I speak to someone in person?
    A: You can reach a customer service representative by calling or texting 612-666-9801 during business hours. You can also email us at, and will typically receive the fastest response if you text us, or email us. 

    Q: Do you have a loyalty or rewards program?
    A: We are revamping our program as of 2024, stay tuned!

    Q: If I become a registered customer, will I start getting a bunch of emails and postcards in my mail box?
    A: No. In fact, the only way you will receive emails (and we never send out snail mail) is by entering your email address at the bottom of the home page where it says "Sign up for our newsletter," or by creating a customer account and saying you accept emails from us. By doing that, you will receive emails with product updates, special offers, and other NOB news. But by registering as a customer, you can save your shipping information and any products you want to save in your wish list. We try to limit our email communications to less than 2 a month so as not to overload the already full inboxes we all deal with on a daily basis!

    Q: Do you save my credit card information?
    A: Absolutely not. While we can reimburse your account, we do not have access to your credit card information. Ordering with The Nature of Beauty is safe and secure. No information regarding your credit card will be stored on our website.

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