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  • Shipping

    Orders are shipped and delivered Monday - Friday. Most, but not all, orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt, although this is not guaranteed. Shipping is a flat-rate on all orders under $75, and free for all orders over $75, placed within the U.S., including Puerto Rico and Guam. In most cases, you will receive all or part of your order within 5-10 days after purchase. See below for our shipping flat rates.

    • FREE Shipping on orders over $75
    • USPS Priority upgrade for orders over $75 (1-2 days) - $5.95
    • USPS Priority on orders under $75 (1-2 days) - $7.95
    • USPS First Class on orders under $75 (3-5 days) - $5.95

    While we always attempt to send orders as quickly as possible, and never intentionally list products as in stock when they are out of stock, at times this does happen. You will be notified if there is a delay on any or all of the products in your order. If you require your order sooner than the typical 5-10 day window, options for Priority Mail are provided for you at checkout. Please note shipping time estimates for Priority are from the date of shipment (usually the day after you place your order), and not the date of purchase. 

    Should you fail to receive your order with 5-10 days of purchase, and do not have an email with an explanation for the delay, please contact us at 612-666-9801 or, as it is very rare that orders are delayed this long without someone contacting you. Your order may have been unintentionally misplaced or sent to an incorrect address.

    Placing an order from outside the U.S.?

    While we gladly ship to countries around the world, you should know that you may be charged additional customs taxes and duties by your country's government and/or postal service, in addition to the shipping charges calculated on our site. These charges are the recipient's responsibility. We have no control over the charges, and cannot estimate them for you in advance. Not all brands are available to ship internationally, due to vendor policy, such as Intelligent Nutrients, so please contact us at if you have questions about a specific brand. 

    Also, please note that while sending international orders via USPS 1st Class Mail is usually very affordable (which is why we offer it), it does not provide the benefit of tracking information or a reliable estimate for length of time it takes to reach our customers. Be aware that your order might take up to 4-6 weeks to reach you. for that reason, we also offer USPS Priority International and Priority Express International Mail

    By selecting USPS 1st Class International shipping, the customer assumes responsibility for the package, and The Nature of Beauty is not obligated to reimburse or resend your order. By selecting Priority or Priority Express Mail The Nature of Beauty will reimburse or resend any order that does not reach its destination within the listed time frames unless they are held in customs for reasons beyond our control. 

    For 1st Class International Shipping, we now have flat rates regardless of price or weight.

    • 1st Class International Shipping (variable timeline, not trackable) -  $15.00
    • Priority International (6-10 days, trackable)  - $30.00
    • Priority Express International (3-5 days, trackable) - $50.00

    Please also see our: Return Policy.

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