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  • Permanent Makeup Apprenticeship

    In addition to Permanent Makeup Training and classes, we also accept qualified Apprentices for their required 200 hours of hands-on work in order to achieve their permanent licensure with the state of Minnesota. We take them on a first come, first serve basis depending on what day/days are available to work and see clients.

    Jennifer, the owner of The Nature of Beauty, has been in the Permanent Makeup industry for 20 years and been licensed with the state since the advent of licensure in 2009, and is also an Advanced Practice Esthetician holding an Advanced Practice Esthetic Salon Managers License with the state of Minnesota for 20 years. She is also a Certified Aesthetic Injector, and has been doing Areola Tattooing with a plastic surgery office in Edina for 10 years. The Nature of Beauty is a licensed Spa/Salon as well as a licensed Tattoo Establishment through the city of Minneapolis.

    The state of Minnesota requires an apprentice to find a supervisor that will oversee the 200 hours of hands-on work on clients. For more detailed information including applications visit MN Department of Health.

    The Apprenticeship does not include training, that is typically done prior to the 200 hours although if you want to do any hands-on work with models during training in the state of Minnesota you will need your Temporary Technician License first through the establishment where your training will take place with the Supervisor doing the training. If it is not a licensed Tattoo Establishment and you don't have a the Temporary Technician License you are not allowed to do any hands-on work. We provide all of those options for students and apprentices within the same space.

    At The Nature of Beauty we have educated and turned out many, many apprentices to achieve their 200 hours and get their permanent technician license with the state so they can flourish in their career as microblading artists, permanent makeup artists and tattoo artists. We have a very unique apprenticeship program where although there is a fee to the apprentice (just like any training or education program) the apprentice can charge for their services and either break even or possibly profit in at the end, more than making up for the cost of the initial training! We have a unique pay-as-you-go plan.

    Typically we only accept apprentices that are in a related field such as esthetics, cosmetology, lashes, makeup artistry, nursing etc. This is because people in those fields either already have extensive training in the structures and function of the skin, color theory, design etc. and are already comfortable working by appointment and touching clients in a professional manner. Part of our program also involves you supplying the majority of your clients so having a pool of clients to pull from in a related industry is extremely helpful. Exceptions can be made for those that are extremely motivated and professional based on availability.

    We don't require the apprentice to work at The Nature of Beauty upon completion of their hours, and are happy to help facilitate future endeavors for all apprentices to feel confident in their work, and ability to change and improve lives with beauty and superior technical skills.

    For more information and specific pricing on the apprenticeship program please either schedule a consult with Jennifer or Jessica Schwartz in person if you'd like to see the space: Book consult

    or email:

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