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At The Nature of Beauty we believe pH balance is key, so we were especially pleased with the new Blissoma deodorant indeed. OK seriously though... being the deo-aholoic that I am, I’ve tried everything under the sun.  I’m talking every single over the counter deodorant, every prescription deodorant, and have even tried whipping up a few batches in my kitchen! (Which I do not recommend by the way, unless of course you don’t mind an armpit rash that lasts for DAYS!) Blissoma has solved my stinky dilemma with their new deodorant made of clay.

This powerful recipe uses a mix of Bentonite clay, Diatomaceous Earth, & Organic Arrowroot Powder, which keeps you dry while eliminating toxins.  But my favorite part is that it contains about half the baking soda as some other natural deodorants making it pH balanced!  This makes for natural odor protection, and with ingredients like mango butter that means less irritation! Not to mention it comes in a stick so you don’t have to rub your pits with your fingers! So adios endless deodorant rotation and hello to the first deodorant that actually WORKS!


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