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There will be a number of changes to how things will work regarding appointments to keep everyone safe.  Here are the key points and important things to note about your upcoming visit.  

⭐️ If you feel sick, or anyone in your household is sick, or has any symptoms related to Covid-19 you will need to reschedule your appointment. No fees will be assessed.

⭐️ Wearing a mask will be required for your visit.  We are required to wear one and all clients will need to come to their appointment with one on as well. If you don’t have one, we can provide one. This is for our safety as well as yours. We reserve the right to refuse services.

⭐️ Please don't come early, we have added time in between clients to sanitize everything so we can't usually accomodate early appointments. If you arrive to the spa early, please wait in your car and call or text to let your technician know you’ve arrived. When we are ready we will then unlock the door to let you in and escort you to the treatment area. 

⭐️ We like to minimize waiting for anyone in the front store area, please come alone for your appointment. No children are allowed in the spa.

⭐️ If possible, please do not bring too many personal belongings such as coats, purses, water bottles etc. into the spa, we do have to sanitize any areas that were touched by outside items. 

⭐️ If you'd like to reduce time in the spa or perusing products, you can order online, there is free shipping for local residents.

⭐️15 minutes have been added to each appointment slot to sanitize thoroughly between clients. 

⭐️We require contactless payments during this time. Venmo, Ca$h app or Paypal. If you prefer to pay cash please bring exact change, we won’t have any cash on site. 

⭐️These requirements have been put in place for our safety as well as the safety of our guests.  We are following recommendations by the CDC, OSHA, MN Board of Cosmetology, MN Department of Health and the Governor.

A few additional things to note:

We are now, and always have been open by appointment, we do not have a receptionist or secretary. Please schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments online if possible via our online booking system 

Please be patient with us as we work through all of these new procedures.  It’s a lot to absorb and we are doing our very best to work through it all in a timely manner.  This will not be life as “normal” in the spa for the foreseeable future. We are excited to get back to work and to see you! Be assured we are smiling underneath our masks and look forward to putting a smile on your face as well.

As always we appreciate your support and understanding, Be well and we’ll see you all very soon!  

Jennifer, Jess, Jessica, Shevaun & Kristin

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